Collection: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon W463 4x4 Conversion Kit

Always wanted a Brabus G wagon 4x4 squared? Not a problem with Kubay Design.

With our conversion kits, you will be able to fully transform your G wagon. With new driving experience, off-road capabilities and even more intimidating looks. TIBUS portals, body parts, metallic roofs, carbon fiber and fiberglass fender flares and more!

Why would you want G Class 4x4 squared Brabus conversion?

Kubay Design offers this conversion featuring real genuine Mercedes Benz G Wagon parts, meaning that you will get a full proper factory-like experience on your vehicle. And with Mercedes G Wagon off road accessories you will be able to push your G Class to new off-road limits.

On top of that, our Brabus carbon fiber fenders, hood scoops and other accessories create a strong, aggressive and extremely intimidating look. That look is what makes a G class Brabus stand out from the crowd and be a statement of success.

How Kubay Design makes G Class 4x4 squared Brabus w463 conversions:

We work on each and every aspect of the car with fine precision, mechanically and visually. Our brabus carbon fiber parts fit perfectly. And the mechanical aspect of the car is done with genuine Mercedes Benz G wagon parts, which makes the build reliable and ready to withstand off-road, as a proper G Class 4x4 squared Brabus should be. Gorgeous Brabus Monoblock R22 wheels and full interior w463a style are also featured on the customization list, as well as off-road R18 tires and wheels. Customize your G Class 4x4 squared Brabus w463 now! Scroll down to see the full list of options.