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Rebuilding and making new projects of Mercedes-Benz W463 and W463A 2018+ into 6X6 and 4Х4, carbon fiber and fiberglass parts manufacturing!

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Carbon fiber auto parts for your G-Class monster

They say the W463 and W463A are menacing on their own and need no extra upgrades to accentuate their power and exclusivity. At Kubay Design, we don’t think so. We believe there’s plenty of room for making your G-Class more luxurious, angry-looking, and brutal. This philosophy has made us the carbon fiber car part manufacturer we are today, inspired by the Mercedes-Benz greatest SUVs and the transformation potential they represent.

Our carbon fiber and fiberglass parts are crafted to reimagine premium vehicles. We can spice up your G-Wagon’s off-road capabilities and road-level appearance with lightweight body panels, dedicated styling inserts, and conversion elements for the makeover you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s for your 4x4 W463 or 6x6 W463A, Kubay Design is your way for the upgrade.

How we make carbon fiber car parts

As a Mercedes-Benz fan, you want nothing but the best materials and fit for your off-roader. This wouldn’t be possible with aftermarket items made by rookie engineers.

Kubay Design is a quality-focused, performance-driven carbon fiber and fiberglass car part manufacturer led by accomplished engineers in the automotive industry. We rely on real carbon fiber and top-grade fiberglass to achieve the quality that mirrors such big-name brands as Mansory. This results in the best-looking and enduring parts for your G-Wagon, which can be easily installed without dismantling the entire body.

To make it legendary

Are you looking for a visual upgrade or a racing boost for your G-Class SUV? Opt for real carbon fiber car parts that deliver the desired results:

  • Interior. Status is all in the details. Add an opulent touch to your door panels, dashboard, and seats with luxurious materials and elegant patterns.
  • Exterior. Does your G-Wagon look incomplete? Enhance it with graphite-reinforced fiber car parts like fender flares, hood scoops, roof spoilers, and other styling accessories.
  • Performance. If you’re here to channel the performance of your beast, we have everything from steering wheels to exhaust systems to rims.
  • Conversion. We are known for revolutionary conversion kits that turn the traditional G-Class 4x4 into a more capable 6x6. If you are really big on the transformation, you can request a rebuilding service or buy a ready-to-go 6x6.

Don’t worry about the fit with Kubay Design products. We can manufacture custom fiberglass car parts to match your vehicle’s aesthetics and ensure easy installation next to OEM components. Choose the sought-after pattern to get what looks best on your G-Wagon.

Besides Mercedes-Benz, we also offer parts for Audi, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Tesla, and other premium brands.

Buy today and drive with a bang

Can’t wait to show off the refined version of your W463 or W463A on the road? Decide on automotive fiberglass parts, carbon fiber accessories, and other products for the best Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Pay upfront for the selected items and be guided by our team through the installation process.

All aftermarket add-ons and styling products can be shipped worldwide. Elevate your drive with Kubay Design!